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2013-03-03 Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon Race Report by Aaron Hutchinson

Hi team,

Well I can honestly say after having swam from Alcatraz this swim and race my 10th was “Frigid”, and dangerous. Unfortunately a 46 year old man did not make it out of the water. Normally this race is held in June but was moved back 3 months to because of the America’s Cup. In retrospect, they should have just not raced this year. Of the 2000 Athlete’s, 150 were pulled from the water, 3 times the normal amount.

I have attached a link that gives an editorial view of the day, in it; they do not mention the cruise ship that they let pass in front of us just prior to race start lol. So along with the temp 51 degrees, the wake was crazy. I have never swallowed so much sea water in my life; the swells were so high you couldn’t see land when you rose up to get a siting. I relied on the kayaks and will to forge ahead. With that said, I over-shot the finish to the right by oh about a 1/4 mile. I was expecting a PR, what I got instead was the last 20 minutes fighting to get to shore and then running up it to make it through the timing mat. It was all good, made it through but I will not race in March in the Bay again, I will stick to June through September when the temps are closer to 60. I raced in the Marin 1/2 Ironman over 10 years ago in March and it felt like ice picks hitting my face this time just like last time. Swim finishing time 57:00, should have come in under 40:00. Link to race, http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Alcatraz-triathlon-competitor-dies-4324933.php

Ok, now let’s get on to the good stuff! Brian Burke the race director said ride your bike like you stole it, and that’s what I did. The bike was awesome! Thanks to the last two weekends with Tina and Anne, the hill climbing paid off. Didn’t have a single bike pass me and just rolled the 18 miles. Came in at 1:09.00, next time will shoot to shave off 9 minutes.

The run was great as well, even had enough energy to cheer people on my way back from the Sand Ladder. Run time was 1:23, 10.30 pace lots of hills would have liked to have scene closer to 8.30. Lots of track work ahead of me. My MCL didn’t bother me too much but it has affected by stride the past 6 months and speed but it’s getting better.

That’s it folks, next up is Wildflower weekend of May 3-5th. When you have race experiences like I did this past Sunday and then you get to Wildflower they seem a lot easier and that race it not lol. Your mind never forgets though, and it always reminds you when things get tough that you have been here before. We are lucky to do what we do; I try to never forget that while I am racing and when I cross the finish line.
Keep on racing and inspiring!