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2013-04-13 HITS NAPA 70.3 Race Report by Matt Marks

HITS NAPA 70.3 race report – I did the HITS 70.3 this past weekend at Lake Berryessa.

  •     The winner finished in a smoking 4:25:22 and 15 others under sub 5 hours (great job Dan Sweet!)
  •     They said about 450 entrants for the half and 50 for the full although results showed 250 & 40?
  •     Great weather, no wind and water temp was 60 degrees.  7am all group start from a large concrete boat ramp that went smoothly with the first swimmer out of the water at 27:16.
  •     The bike course ended up having 3,100 feet of climbing although they published 2,100 feet. The roads were in good condition with an out-back into the vineyards of Pope Valley and then a south out-back on the lake so very scenic course when you weren’t glued to the tarmac.  The fastest cyclist finished in 2:26.
  •     The out-back run had 1,100 feet vert with a 2 pitches that hammered the quads on the homestretch.  The fastest runner finished in 1:20!!!
  •     My total time was 5:17:10 with a Swim32:03/Bike2:49/Run1:51. …..4th in the 45-49 AGR and 27th overall.  Was glad to shave off 10 minutes on my run even though 3X more vertical……the “hot feet” at mile 8 made it tempting to jump off the bridge into the lake…..any tips on avoiding hot feet?
  •     FB&T teammate Dan Sweet hammered it ……. He can tell his story and podium finish!
  •     HITS was well organized but admitted to being short on volunteers mostly b/c the remote location.  The course was marked well and light traffic on the back roads.  Plenty of fuel at aid stations.  The only gripe was their lunch caterer cancelled on them so the post-race food was only water, fruit and finger foods…….. which meant a long one hour haul to the nearest calorie drive through…….

Good luck all on your racing and hope to join others at some local races…..big bummer to just get the news from Boston!!  Hope everyone okay.


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