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2013-05-19 Auburn Triathlon – World’s Toughest Half Race Report by Anne

Well, we made it through the race to tell about it!

The weather was as good as you could ask for at this time of year. Rattlesnake Bar was ~73 degrees, so it made for an awesome swim. The swim registered long for both Tina and I (1.4 miles) but it doesn’t matter because everyone had to do it! I am also incapable of swimming in a straight line which is probably why my Garmin showed longer than Tina’s.

The bike was rough for me as I dropped my chain multiple times. Fortunately, I bought a new bike from my favorite bike shop employee, Daniel (Scout), on Saturday, so it was my final hurrah on the old bike. I think my old bike knew I had replaced it and turned on me. I also had some challenges eating (just one of those days) so I’m lucky I didn’t bonk.

Teeny had a great bike ride and busted past the guys on the descent to Bear River campground, because she’s a rockstar! She’s also a killer hill climber and passed all the gentlemen on the hills, too. Unstoppable.

The run lived up to the race name and proved challenging. You feel great on the first lap and then you hit the climb on the second lap and are humbled. The Sac Tri Club aid station about half way up the run climb was a life saver. Lots of icey cold sponges and water.

We were fortunate to have a group of our friends at Railhead park who ran next to us as we lapped through the park to make sure we had everything we needed, and provide encouragement.

Overall, it was a great race! Wonderful volunteers throughout Auburn who kept the participants safe, hydrated and fueled. I’m a big fan of swag, too, and I love the hat that we received.

This picture is from Morgan Hill a few weeks back, but we forgot to take a picture after this race. This picture also includes Jennifer, the third amiga. Not only did Jennifer wake up at some god-awful hour on Sunday to drive us to the race, but she collected all of our items from T1, sat through the entire race providing encouragement, and knew exactly what we needed after the race (a towel soaked in ice water and my trusty coconut water). Everyone should have a “Jennifer” at the race with them.

Now it’s recovery week. Just behind tapering and eating as much as you want, this is the best part of triathlons.

Hope everyone else’s Triathlon season is going equally well and has as great a training crew and Teeny and Jennifer.