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2014-03-30 TBF XTERRA REAL MTB Triathlon Race Report by Debby Sullivan

Brr. That was a wet sloppy mess! But still a lot of fun! So the rain rolled in about 5 minutes before we started. Which I was actually quite happy that it hadn’t been raining all night as they were calling for and not even while I was setting up for the race.
The rain and the wind started just in time for the swim though which gave some nice waves and a little bit of chop on the water. It is hard to say how well the swim went the splits included the 1/2 mile run up to the transition. I was the 3rd female out of the water, which seems to be a big improvement for me. I knew one of  my main competitors, Kara, was just ahead of me as I got on the bike. The first lap was not too bad but by the second lap of the bike I was getting a little chilly and the course was just becoming a sloppy mess! My bike sounded awful with all the muck! I also seemed to be racing most of the bike portion in no man’s land all by myself. This made it a little hard to find or gain on Kara in the rain and she was on a mission.  I got off the bike and just wanted to get moving! I got through that run as quick as I could. I had big improvements here, about 3 mins faster than last year.  I was dong well until I stopped and then I was frozen and shaking for awhile. Thank goodness some friends from Roseville had one of those little spot heaters!
I ended up getting second place and first in my AG.
Thanks so much.