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2015-02-07 Dirty Duathlon Race Results

Great team showing at today’s TBF Dirty Duathlon!


Although I do not yet have official confirmation, I believe Trudi started us off with a great 5K run and finish in this morning’s Gumby. Below are the unofficial results from today’s duathlon:



Debby Sullivan – 1st Overall


Women’s 20-29

Chrissy Kuntz – 2nd Age Group


Men’s 30-39

Adam Ross – 1st Age Group (3rd Overall)

Craig Weaver – 2nd Age Group (6th Overall?)


Men’s 40-49

Joey Figone – 2nd Age Group (2nd Only to Overall Winner and Perennial Champion Dave Hackett and I believe 4th Overall)


Men’s Team

Chris Holmes – Winning Team (Folsom Bike MTB Team Member)


Great job everyone!!! Pics are attached.