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Oceanside Ironman 70.3, April 2, 2016 Brian Skehan Race Report

Swim– Ironman releases swimmers by Age group and it was really nice to be placed in an earlier wave this year, right after the Pro’s.

Mentally I didn’t have to worry about being last.  As my swim wave entered the water, the water temp was perfect and my nerves began to calm a bit. Swam to the starting line, roughly 200 yards out from the boat ramp, waited about 2 minutes for the official horn-alert to start…. I settled into my swim, got comfortable and remained calm after a hard fought battle of positioning.  At times I felt like a salmon swimming up River. First half of the swim was smooth, water was calm and sighting was perfect.  Second half of the swim was a little tricky coming back to the harbor.  My sighting was off a bit from the bright sun and glare off the ocean. Once I saw the rocks that protected the harbor I sighted off those and they guided me right into the swim Shute into T1. Not my best swim but I’ll take it. Swim Time 46:05 

T1 Swim to Run

Long run into bike racks, collected my thoughts, took a deep breath and made sure I got a bite to eat before jumping on the bike.

T1 transition time 5:56 

Bike– I felt really good jumping on the bike.  I know this course from previous years so I understand where to hammer down and where to ease off. I had a little glitch while riding, my nutrition bag on the bike, worked itself loose and dangled upside down for a few miles until I was able to gather as much as possible before it fell off.  I settled back into a comfortable speed and hammered down until the hills started around mile 30.  I felt comfortable on the hills and cruised into mile 40-45 where you head west for the ocean and, like the previous years, became a wind tunnel.  No wind tunnel this year…. Thank you Mother Nature.  My bike was on target and went as expected and I felt pretty good about it going into T2.

Bike Time 2:50 

T2 Bike to Run

Another long transition that took forever it seemed like as expected, no problems.

T2 transition time 3:52

Run – I was a little anxious on how I might perform going into this run.  My primary training focus was swim/bike with less time spent on my run leading up to this Oceanside event. I felt pretty good, got comfortable, up until mile 4 that’s when things started to unravel for me. I suffered a bit after mile 5, legs were tired, became hungry and my mental toughness was weak. I stopped at every aid station to eat as much as my stomach could handle. Around mile 9 my hamstrings became tight and felt like they wanted to cramp. I struggled to maintain focus and finish strong. I dug deep and finished the race. As always, it was a joy to see my beautiful wife at the end of the Finish Line waiting for me; that will never get old.

Run Time 2:16

Conclusion– Oceanside Ironman is one of my favorite races. I enjoyed riding through Camp Pendleton and the community support is always very inspiring.  My Swim was consistent, my Bike felt good, but I felt my Run could have been a better effort, and not my best work. My Training focus in the next several weeks will focus a lot of time on my Bike/Run to prepare for my next Tri events in July. This event allowed me to show some consistency in key areas, while also showing me places to continually develop and train for. I am really excited to be racing for Folsom Bike!

Overall time 6:05.29 



One response

  1. karyn25

    Great job Brian! Way to represent Folsom Bike and Pearl Izumi!

    May 5, 2016 at 10:31 pm

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