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Oceanside 70.3 Scott Willams

The StrandOverall, I’m very happy with my finish in a stacked field. It was a great start to the year and a real confidence builder for the upcoming race season. First time wearing my new Pearl Izumi/Folsom Bike kit.
Here’s how the day played out:
This year there was a single transition set up at the marina, so we racked our bikes on Friday, which allowed us the set up the rest of our gear race morning.
Swim – 41:46
As I made it through the few thousand athletes lined up and I searched for my white cap swim wave. There was a little chaos as athletes stood in line as the pro’s started to exit the water. Once the swim was started it was a pretty easy swim heading out to the turnaround. The waves really picked up at the harbor opening making the turnaround very difficult to sight causing me to stop and spot a couple of buoys. All in all I was slightly slower than I wanted, but glad the swim leg was over. 157 out of 408.
Bike – 2:57
I committed to riding super hard for most of the first 30 miles to see what would happen before hitting the climbs. As I picked people off numerous riders I felt like I was riding faster and stronger than the previous year. My legs still felt good, but my mind started to wander as my idea of a solid bike spilt began to fade away. Some of the riders I had passed soon began to overtake me. As we started headed back the remaining 15 miles I pressed on through the headwinds giving it all I had knowing what waited ahead…136 of 408 overtaking 25
Scott OC703
I was worried that the work on the bike would take its toll on my legs, but I gave it a solid go for the first 2 miles, running about 8:17 and 8:25. It became pretty clear that I wasn’t going to have 11 more of those miles in me, so I switched to survival mode and settled into what felt like a sustainable pace. I flirted with the idea of trying to get back to the turn around and catch up with Karyn, but after spotting her as I made was running back on my first lap this was not an option. The last few miles was all about getting to the end without breaking myself and enjoying a run to the finish line! 138 of 408 lost 6 spots in my division
FINISH: 5:56:32
As I said, overall, I’m very happy with this performance. I had absolutely no idea where my fitness was after a pretty lackluster January and February. Thanks for the support Folsom Bike!



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