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Joe Garrison Tri4Real1 Race Report

My training has been focused on long course, getting ready for full IM Vineman, so top end and 1 hr power are a little flat, but hey I can go all day long! That said, this olympic distance race made for some great threshold training with the Folsom Bike Triathlon Team.

The Swim: Got out well, pushed hard and stayed with the lead pack until the very last buoy where I promptly got completely turned around and actually swam “upstream”, back the way we had just come for a full 2 minutes until I realized my mistake, stopped more than once to get my bearings and finally turn for shore. It was frustrating of course, but stuff happens and I chose to keep pushing and stay mentally positive hoping to make up time later.

Exited H20 in 25:22 – enough said

t1  3:00 – Hamstring cramps! Not the end of the world, but it took forever to strip that wetsuit and get going, costing me more precious time early in the race.

The Bike: Once I settled in, it felt good out there. The Pony Express was freshly tuned and humming nicely thanks to the lads at Folsom Bike. I stayed aero and pushed consistent watts out and back. Falling behind on the swim and t1 meant I was alone the whole ride with nobody to really chase down, so it mostly seemed like just another training ride. There was a headwind coming home and a new, rougher road surface this year. All together it made for a longer than expected bike leg.

Bike: 1:09:30, kind of slow for watt I put in 😉

t2  in-n-out in under 30s.

The Run: looking at that elapsed time off the bike, I knew a PR was not in the cards, and probably no podium either. So I focused on what was in front of me, laying down a good run and trying to forget about the rest. Man those fire-road rollers are always a good test of fortitude, especially the final climb at 5.5 miles in! Seeing Karyn Hoffman, Scott Williams and others from Folsom Bike Tri crew on the run course really helped lift my morale. I pushed till the end.

Run: 45:04 – 7:13 Pace- a PR on this rolling, cross-country style course. So that’s something.

Final Time 2:23: 45

It’s not the time I had hoped for and there was no podium this time, which was honestly disappointing. But any day out there is a gift and for that I am grateful. I have unfinished business at this race and next year I plan to dedicate more time to short course racing and training. For now it’s back to 140.6 prep! Attitude determines altitude.

Big thanks to Erin & Wilson Gorrell and everyone at Folsom Bike for your ongoing support of the Tri team.






One response

  1. karyn25

    Great job Joe! Way to stay positive!

    June 5, 2016 at 8:48 pm

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