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Brian Skehan Race Report, Folsom Lake International Triathlon May 7, 2016

Swim: TBF Racing releases swimmers by Age group in a variety waves. As my swim wave entered the water, the water temp was little on the cold side, but bearable. The water was bit choppy race morning at Folsom Lake. We were off and I quickly settled into my swim, getting comfortable and remaining calm after a hard fought battle of positioning.  My swim was smooth, and sighting was good.  Second half of the swim was a little tricky coming back because of the choppy water conditions. My swim time was 33:09.

T1 Swim to Run: After a long run from the swim exit to the bike racks, I collected my thoughts, took a deep breath and readied myself for the bike. T1 transition time was 2:42.

Bike: I felt really good jumping on the bike.  I know this course from previous years so I knew where to hammer down and where to ease up. This year was a bit tricky with rain showers that started as I jumped on the bike. As a result I proceeded very cautiously, in efforts to avoid injury or a bike wreck. As a result, I managed to finish the bike course without incident and that was success to me, for some precarious conditions.

Bike Time was 1:17.38.

T2 Bike to Run: About as expected leaving T2 in 1:20

Run: I felt really strong coming off the bike and more confidant than I did from Oceanside 70.3. I have trained on this course a few times and I know the run course very well. The run course is not easy, with several hills, and several technical sections. Once I got my heart rate down, I became comfortable with my pace that I could maintain throughout. Lucky for me that this year was cool and overcast with intermittent showers throughout the run. In prior years it has been pretty hot! My run was pretty easy up until mile 4.5 when I hit “ Cardiac hill”, a short and steep hill that really gets your heart thumping. I ran half way up and then I had to walk to the top, knowing that once I crested that hill I had a mile 1.5 miles to go, mainly flat and easy.

Run time 53:20

I enjoy this race because it’s close to home and the course is fun and challenging. This year the weather slowed me down on the bike, but helped me out on the run. I’m thrilled I PR’d this year taking 13 minutes off my time and a podium. I was 4th place in my age group. I was excited to be able represent Folsom bike Triathlon team on the podium. Overall time 2:47.Brian Skehan TBF


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