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Cheryl Sanford Tri4Real Race 1 May 22, 2016

My first race of the season,(Yea!).   I’m staying local and doing Olympics distances this year, so this first one was a good way to see how my training is going, and a great venue to cheer on the Folsom Bike Triathlon Team.

Swim: I felt good in the swim, I did run over a bunch of people (sorry), once I got clear water I settled in and got into a rhythm. Swam pretty straight, I did stand up a little early and had to do the lifeguard run to shore as I jumped up as soon as I hit sand with my hand. Maybe I should’ve done a couple more strokes. Swim time: 30.26

T1– stripped, threw on my Folsom Bike jersey which has nice deep pockets and no worries of anything falling out, got hydrated and headed out in 1:32

Bike: I was a little chilly at first. I got out onto the highway and was moving pretty good, feeling good, but thought where is everybody? Lol, as I soon caught up to some rabbits that I chased down. The new chip sealed road was a little rough, but smoothed out when I hit the county line. The headwind coming back was a little troublesome. I made it back, going a little too fast into transition and skidded to a sudden stop. Bike- 1:36:26

T2– got to the rack out and on the run in 2:02.

Run: I was moving well from T2 to the run start. I went out a little fast, but felt ok. Got to high five Folsom Bike Tri teammates, which gave me a little boost, and a hop in my step. I settled into a 10:13 min pace. I loved the run course with both fire road and single track. Run- 1:04:25

All and all a great race and a fun time!   Looking forward to race #2 in the series, bettering my times, making new friends, and being part of the Folsom Bike Tri team family.


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