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Craig Marchione Tri for Real, 31 May 2016

Race started at 0800 so left the house at 0530 to make sure there was enough time to get a good parking spot and pick a good transition position. Got to the venue and began setting things up. The bathroom situation is not ideal as the bath house has three stalls and only two were working. Waiting in line was making me anxious.   After that issue was taken care of, I  began the process of setting up transition. I got my bike set up, bottles in the proper place, tires pumped up, race belt – oops (forgot the race belt at home, so run and buy one), helmet, glasses, shoes (bike and run) ready to go, visor and last but not least wet suit and goggles. So now I am ready to race.

Race started promptly at 0800, the day was perfect for racing, light wind and a bit on the cool side. Swim went well for me, came in at 27:18, 1st/AG (not bad, definitely not my best time). Transition was a bit slow, had some trouble with the wet suit removal at the ankles (something to work on). Mounted the bike and off we went. Messed with the onboard computer for the first two miles, it decided not to register power, and never did get it working so rode with perceived exertion (not the best feedback considering my current physical preparation was not real strong). Finished the bike in 1:28:57 4th/AG. The bike could have gone better, but the wind picked up and we had a cross wind so battled the wind both directions. Transition from bike to the run was really slow. I had a lot of trouble getting my running legs after the bike. This could have been the result of only three runs in the last 7 months with only one run at distance (yep nothing like training to make a race go easier). The run was well off my best time coming in at 1:14:08 (although it was right on target for the pace I had set for myself, so I felt good about that). Total time was 3:10:23 good for 5th place out of 5 in my AG. I got a plaque, but in reality it was a participation medal.

My race performance was on target for my current health and fitness level, so I am not disappointed in my performance. In comparing it to past performance, it falls way short, but realizing that I am recovering from a serious bike accident (complete with broken ribs, separated shoulders and bruised lungs) it was a huge success. I am glad to be able to still swim, bike and run at all and will count this as a win. I am looking forward to stepping up my training slowly and will be looking to improve my performance in upcoming races. Good luck in all your races and remember, “pain is weakness leaving the body”. Thank you FolsomBike for your support of our Triathlon Team.


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