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Fleet Feet Sports Women’s Tri       9/10/2016 Cheryl Sanford

Good Day race fans!!! Well, here’s another race report from a regular AG triathlete.

The morning was wonderful at a cool 63 degrees and everyone is happy and mellow. I got my favorite spot in transition. LOL, yes I’m one of those, I like to be on the end of the rack so I can spread out.

Let the games begin!! Got into the water for a pre warm up swim, test the water release race anxiety. “Two min”, Bill announces. I got to the front of the group for the swim start, and they’re off!  I was swimming stroke for stroke with someone and feeling pretty good. We were leading and getting into position, couldn’t hold her though, she started slipping away. That’s ok I thought, I still need to bike and run. I got out of the swim 16:24 rank 4 in AG. I’m feeling good, ready to bike.

T1 had my Fav salted watermelon Gu Roctane (thank you Folsom Bike for carrying the latest and greatest in nutrition). Word of advice, never forget to hit the button on your Garmin!!!!  I didn’t realize it till I was over the last speed bump heading out the park on the bike.  I felt good on the bike except I had a song stuck in my head that some people were singing “Age of Aquarius”, I really don’t know the words, only what they sang and it was on repeat. So, the bike which was a 1:19:4 (6) in AG. It was a psychedelic blur.

T2 2:40 what was I doing? lol, I think I was on a lunch break.

Run- 44:13(4) in AG. . It was nice running weather at 66 degrees and sunny.  I love the run portion of the Rancho races. Rolling hills, coach Karyn says hills are our friend, today, I was actually believing that statement.

Finish! Yay! I love coming across the line 2:20:22 4th place in A.G.  Awesome!  Podium for Folsom Bike!


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