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Amy Weathersbee IceBreaker 2017

Starting out 2017 to be my first real Tri Season,  IceBreaker is only the second triathlon I have done.  I was excited to get a shorter distance in before Santa Rosa HIM in May. I thought I was definitely trained and fit for the day. Oh boy did it go quite different for me.

This is not my strong suit to begin with and truly was looking to just get on with it to get to the bike and run.  Now the words Ice Breaker should have been my first clue.  I have not swam any open water since last September and I knew it was gonna be cold.  Countdown comes and I run into the chilled water and start my stroke.  After I raise my head for my first breath I feel like I cannot breathe…this was not part of the plan.  I always knew I could do breath-stroke if I got tired but even that was a struggle.. starting to panic I thought what am I going to do.  So I flipped to my back, kicked my legs and asked Jeff in the safety kayak if I was moving at all.  He said you are clipping along great.  So although I did make multiple attempts to try a freestyle stroke I ended up doing all 912 glorious meters on my back!  Not being able to see where I was going I added on additional meters to my swim 😜. So happy to see the shore I was out much later than expected.

Ok now that I had that hideous swim behind me I went into T1 getting ready to start my most comfortable part which was the bike.  I don’t have a TT Bike but love my Liv road bike from Folsom Bike so was looking forward to making up some ground here.  The ride was good but have to admit a bit too short.  I did get my head back on straight and was ready to keep going.

After a super fast T2 transition I was out to do my run.  I have to say i forgot most TBF races are trail and this was no different.  I prefer the hard asphalt to run so really did not train for the hills and uneven ground.  After submerging my right foot in one of the many puddles I just wanted to get to the finish.  When I crossed the line with more in the tank I knew I could have performed better.

After the race I felt a bit defeated since my day went completely different than I had set in my mind and a little disappointed in myself for not pushing a little harder.  I was standing with my teammate Bryan Wertzer who is also my good friend after he had a podium 2nd place.  Standing there I hear them call my name over the speaker.. I poked at my husband and said did they call my name.  They say it again and I think maybe I got a sportsmanship award – I did do the whole thing with a smile after all.  I got 2nd place in my Age Group.  So even though it was a wild day I was on the podium for the first time in my life.

In reflection I am glad I did have some struggles so that I could learn from them and be even more prepared for Santa Rosa……


Bryan and Amy–Team Folsom Bike




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