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Karyn Hoffman IM Oceanside 70.3

Welcome to the 4th edition of Oceanside 70.3. Second edition Folsom Bike Triathlon team. We did the red eye drive to lovely Oceanside to miss all the crazy LA traffic. Good choice as we pulled into town in about 7.5hrs.   Did a 7 hours snooze and was ready for our Thursday. To start of we did a killer breakfast. Anyone ever have Honey Bunches of Oats French Toast. Well you have not lived until you have.

Fast forward love this venue. We checked in and I had the best check race packet. So good vibes.   We love Oceanside so we checked out the strip and then took a long walk in the harbor on the rocks to see the new outline of the course. Gorgeous late afternoon. Mentally prepping the turns and trying no to think about how cold the Ocean water would be race morning. All the chatter was about the new rolling start, how would that play out with such a large field. Instead of swimming to 100+ meters to the line you would self-seed and off you go.

Fast forward bikes checked in on Friday afternoon and anticipation of Saturday morning. We walked from our hotel to the harbor—about 1.5miles. It was brisk out about 48. However I have to remember a few years back it was 29 at the start of my Ironman Lake Tahoe…so 48 is like balmy.

Scott and I had some nice bike positioning being AWA Silver and AWA Gold. I can see my competition that also ranked in Gold…let’s say they were not very friendly. It’s time to head to the swim start and we both go together. A kiss and hug and I drop to the 40-45 min group and Scott advances to the 30-35 min.

Get the water bottle and load the inside of my suit with water to seal it up. It took about: 20 minutes to get finally to the start and once you hit that pier it is swim time. Water was 62 and it was actually warm compared to the air. I felt good and got into a rhythm. But contact and then around the turn around sun.

Swim time 47:26—I can do better. 31/62 AG

Long transition to the bike. Start pulling down the LS wetsuit and focus on not wasting time. 6+ min transition, I have to do better.

I know this bike course and now I have awesome Sram Etap thank you Folsom Bike and I am ready to tackle the bike course.   I know this course having raced the last 3 years. Just have to be careful around mile 40 you do not speed past 25 Mph or you face DQ. I was overly cautious as my Garmin setting missed MPH! Yes stupid is on my forehead! So I really hit the brakes. The last 10 miles of the course are fast but also windy. I was focused on under 3 hours as that has been my norm…pushing hard. However 3:04:18 was the time.   10/ 62. AG

I knew I had to use the bathroom so I scurried to get shoes, hat and off I went into the bathroom and out. About a 7 min transition. Not good. So run like I stole something. The first bright spot was seeing teammate Brian Skehan. Great to have the mutual encouragement. I’m running and feeling good. This is probably one of the prettiest runs along the ocean for several miles. Finally about mile 3 I see Scott. That brightens my day seeing him happy and running. My goal, no stopping and just get stronger. I ran happy. I saw my good friends the Burgesses who moved to San Diego a few months back cheering me on! How cool they came to watch and see their 1st triathlon! This is a two-loop course and based on my 1st loop I was in good shape to be under 2 hours and stay under 6 hours, as I had never done more than 5:54 here. So I pushed and felt I was tracking to be under 6. Home stretch and fighting the time. I gave it my all and crossed the line super spent and sun drenched! Thank goodness Scott was waiting at the finish! I ran a 1:56:44. But that was not good enough. Final time 6:01:42. Racing my new AG was not certain how that would play out. Top 5 are podium.

1-minute difference from 6th.and +15min from 5th. My transition time was about a 3 minute factor and a potty break and too conservative on bike to be ready for a good run.

Final 7th/62nd AG. 168th/928th Gender and 995/3430 OA.

Thanks to Folsom Bike my bike mechanically was flawless!

Nutrition was dialed with Vespa and Clif gels and Gu Blocks.

Congrats Brian Skehan and Scott Williams on great races. As a result our Tri Club Division V ranked 9 of 67!

Next up IM Santa Rosa 70.3


Running Strong


Finish Line Happy


Scott, John and I


Racked up


Team Folsom Bike


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