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Monte Rio Olympic Tri-June 4th Brian Skehan

Monte Rio triathlon is based out of a small town on the Russian river east of Santa Rosa on Hwy 116. The same group who owned Vineman full and half until WTC bought the rights to both races. If you liked racing the Vineman series; I suggest signing up for this race. It’s well supported, Volunteers were top notch and the course was fast and beautiful.

Swim- The swim took place on the Russian river in monte Rio. They did use swim waves based on your age group. Every 5 minutes they allowed an age group to start. The river had a decent current that took some effort to stay in one place, waiting for the gun to go off. Once the gun went off I stayed as far right on the river as possible could to minimize the current. My swim felt strong and the current didn’t have much impact on me as I thought. Went as planned, sighting was a tad off, swam more than I needed to.                                     Swim time – 36:34 2000 yards

T-1 Went as planned, nothing to report other then it was a long run to the bike.Time-4:46

Bike-the bike course took you from monte Rio on Hwy 116 to Jenner. This section of the course was flat with some rolling hills, nothing to worry about though. Once you get to the town of Jenner you turn around and back track to a “T” intersection where you head south on HWY 1 for a few miles. Within the first half mile you climb a decent hill up to goat rock and on top the hill. Here is where it gets a little tricky. Your now exposed to the ocean breeze or today-”Wind”. This section of the bike was the best as you had the great Pacific Ocean as a back drop and, cool, crisp, clean air. All, tail wind with cross breezes for 3-4 miles while heading south. At the turn around, you know it’s coming, yes the, head wind! This was the most difficult as the winds seemed to increase with speed, and, add a few rolling hills, the legs were feeling it. As you approach Goat rock, you start your decent back to Monte Rio, where it’s flat, fast and protected from the wind. I felt pretty strong on the bike today, with hopes of riding over 20mph. Missed it by a few tenths but really enjoyed the bike course. Time-1:15 25miles

T-2 went as planned, nothing to report. Time 1:53

Run- The run followed the Russian river, west, on a side road that was paved and lined with residential houses. Flat and fast course that was shaded 2/3. Aid stations about every mile. I felt really strong coming off the bike today, as they should, considering the long rides I’ve done. I settled right into good pace, getting a few seconds faster every mile until the finish line. Strong run today. I was happy with the run. Time 50:34 6.34 miles

Overall– my age group was stacked as usual and fast. The top finisher, finished 2:00 flat. I had my fastest swim yet, bike could be better, and my run could be a tad faster, but I was happy with my finish today. This was a great taper race for boulder Ironman that’s a week away.  Overall time 2:48


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