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Brian Skehan Santa Rosa Ironman 70.3 Swim- The morning started out very cold with a breeze that chilled to the bone. The swim started out with a rolling self seeding start that I like. I self seeded with 35-40 min group and this seems to work well for now. The water temp was great my sighting was dead on again, and I did not swim more then I needed to, this is a good thing. The only issue I think most athletes had with the swim, was the buoys were small and hard to see at times. Beautiful swim in the lake, great sighting, comfortable water temperature, about what I expected today out of my swim. T-1 This by far was the longest transition I’ve experienced with the ironman circuit. I think its .4 miles , mostly up hill on a boat ramp. Although, they carpeted most of it up until the asphalt starts. This was rough on the feet especially running on asphalt thats disintegrating. No real issues other then the feet started to hurt a bit. Bike-Beautiful bike course that uses the much of the old Vineman course. On race day the winds surfaced from the North which really benefited the bike this year. I think I had a tail wind much of the course. The first 5-10 miles ended up being pretty cold but manageable with my awesome Folsom bike jacket. One thing I should mention, with the North winds surfacing this made it difficult for me to eat and keep moisture in the mouth from low humidity and dry winds. No major hills to climb or to worry about, but the typical chewed up roads of Sonoma County. I really enjoyed this version of the course. T-2 Another long transition onto the run. No problems here, other then I had to run over a 1/4 mile plus to get on the run course. Run-my nemesis…. I felt pretty good through T-2 and 6 miles on the run until I hit a wall. I knew I didn’t eat enough on the bike and I paid for it. Mile 7-12, the struggle was real, my mental toughness was non existent and became very hungry. I ended up doing the walk/run until I could gain my composure. I was very disappointed since I had a decent race at oceanside a month and half ago. This run course is a big improvement from previous Vineman races though. Well, shaded and relatively flat surface, mixed road and dirt running path. Volunteers were top notch and super helpful as usual. Overall.. I missed out on a few expectations and goals I had for this race.. Today ended up being a training day for Boulder IM in June. Thank you Folsom bike for allowing me to wear the great name and logo. Great inaugural Ironman race in the city of Santa Rosa. Very smooth and well thought out logistically and planning for large crowds. Additionally, Great parking around ironman village; in and around the city. Huge improvement from Vineman in Windsor